THANK YOU for visiting our web site today. In return we hope you receive insight and inspiration from God that will move you into position for what He has in store for your life.

As the Father sent His Holy Spirit from Heaven to bring us His powerful Word, we also believe that the Lord is moving powerfully in His people and has guaranteed victory as long as we stay in His will.

At times we all face challenges in life, however we know that with   each challenge God gives strength and comfort as you seek Christ – THE Answer to all life's ills.

May you be encouraged, strengthened and comforted as God manifests each of His promises in your life- leading to the promised eternal Life we have through a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

We pray that the time spent on our website will be profitable and that the blessings of the Lord will come upon you and over take you. Indeed, God has brought you to a New Horizon where there is salvation, healing, deliverance, love, joy, peace and victory.

If you live in the Capitol Region or are just visiting, please feel free to join us as we gather together to declare the wonders of God, worshipping the Father and Lord Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth.

Together we can change our world!

David and Brenda Traynham