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Being in Christian ministry for 38 years, of which for 30 of those years we have led the inner-city ministry of New Horizons as pastors, Brenda and I will be going into semi-retirement.

As of Sunday December 29, 2019 we will officially close the doors at 146 Catherine Street.

Over these 38 years, we have been blessed to influence thousands of people with the Gospel and have led hundreds to Christ.

In keeping with Christ’s mandate, we have preached the Gospel, fed the hungry clothed the naked and obeyed the things He placed on our hearts.

We have been preparing the congregational members for this transition for three months and many of them have already joined another ministry here in Albany. We are pleased to know that they are still walking with Christ.

Having reached the milestone of being official senior citizens at 65 years of age, Brenda and I will focus on initiatives that have been birthed out of our hearts of compassion to see our city safer and will continue meeting the needs of the underserved as much as we can. We will also periodically fill the pulpits in churches in our region as invited.

Our hope is that this shift in ministry focus will produce continued fruit for God’s Kingdom and strengthen the Body of Christ in our region and beyond.

Our goal remains to get the Gospel into as many hearts and minds as we can… using the Word of God and the experiences we accumulated over the years to impact our city and region.

38 years is a long time and we have no regrets as the joy of seeing the lives we’ve impacted changed and the fruit we gathered for God’s Kingdom remain exceeds all that we could have ever imagined.

We believe that it’s time to move into the next phase of our lives where we will impact pastors and the region. I will be sharing this with you at another time as I believe God has opened a door for me that will bring greater peace and harmony to our city and region.

We are both grateful for the love, encouragement and support you have shown us. We ask that you not only pray for us but pray for the lives we have touched over the years and the members of the church during this exciting time.

You can continue contacting us at or call 518-258-7645.

God bless you always

Pastors David and Brenda