Ministry Prayer Focus

New Horizons Christian Church

This year we are praying for a great move of God in our midst.

We believe that if we pray, speak and live in a manner that glorifies God, we will experience the results He desires. In an effort to keep us on one accord, we are joining our hearts, minds and prayers together in order that we will all speak the same thing God has spoken. Doing this we believe we willl have what God said we should have.

Listed are prayers for any given seven (7) day period that we encourage you to join with us in praying. These are not just words to read, but prayers to be offered to God expecting that He will answer and each of our lives will be better.

Repentance and Reconciliation

Father, In the Name of Jesus, I set my heart and mind in total compliance with your will and pray for perfect peace as my mind is focused on you TODAY. I declare that my heart is fixed, O' Lord.

I also submit my body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto you knowing this is my reasonable act of worship. I choose to let go of the world thinks so my mind can be transformed and I will know what your will is¦ Your good, pleasing and acceptable will.

Knowing that your desire is for "Your people, who are called by Your Name to humble themselves, pray, seek Your Face and turn from their wicked ways; Your promise is that You would hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land¦

¦I therefore ask that you would search my heart and reveal any form of sin, wickedness or iniquity that may lie hidden within me. I ask that you also reveal the "weights" that are keeping me from progressing as quickly as I should be.

I repent of any sin or iniquity [known or unknown] that I have committed against You;

  • I repent of any transgressions I have committed against Your Word or what Your Holy Spirit revealed to my heart that has not obeyed;
  • I repent for any act of unforgiveness I may have against anyone including You;
  • I repent of any thoughts or deeds of wickedness that I have done and left unresolved in my heart
  • I repent of all acts of disobedience to Your Word and pray that that You will create in me a clean heart that delights to do Your will O' my God.

Father, I know that I have Jesus Christ as my Faithful and Just Advocate Who will forgive my sins by cleansing me from all unrighteousness if I will ask Him.

I thank you that His Blood has the power to remove my acts of sin as far from me as the east is from the west and I thank you for allowing me to approach your throne from this day forward with boldness and with a clean conscience.

Now Father, I set my mind on You and I thank You for¦

  • A holy, righteous and sanctified life;
  • Greater obedience to Your Word;
  • Revelation concerning Your will;
  • Wholeness in my spirit, soul and body;
  • Reconciliation with my family;
  • The salvation of those I love and that are estranged from you;
  • Open doors of opportunity in the market place;
  • Favor with God and man;
  • Wisdom and discretion in the affairs of life;
  • A calm and well balanced mind;
  • Direction concerning Your will for my life;
  • Peace that passes all understanding every day;
  • That You will draw closer to me as I draw closer to You;

In Jesus' Name I pray



City, State, Nation and World

Father, In the Name of Jesus, I thank You for calling me to be a person of intercession. I'm honored that You chose me from among many other choices and I set my heart in agreement with Your will today.

According to Your Word, I pray for all men as it's not your will that any would perish, but that all would come to the knowledge of Your Truth. I therefore lift up to you the residents of the city of Albany and the State of New York.

I believe that you have a specific plan and purpose for each person in our city and inhabitant of our state. I pray for reconciliation between the races and various ethnic groups. I pray that hearts and minds will be God-ward and that there will be a hunger and thirst after righteousness.

I pray that You will continue dealing with the hearts of the people here and that they will be sensitive to Your Spirit. I trust that they will see their need for salvation and boldly receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

Using the power that was given to me by Jesus Christ, I take authority over every spirit that is anti-God and anti-Christ. I break their power and render their acts of disobedience and rebellion null and void.

I declare that the power of witchcraft, false prophets and false religion is canceled by the authority of the Word of God. I release these spirits from their assignments against the inhabitants of our city and state and command them to loose the hearts and minds of God's people and let them go.

I set a hedge around Albany and New York State and declare that the Gospel of the Lord Jesus has full passage to go into the highways and hedges and that the hearts and minds of the people are open to receive the Gospel that You have graciously given us.

I pray for the mayors of our tri-city area, our council persons and each representative of our great city; I pray for the governor of our state, Andrew Cuomo and each mayor and leader within New York.

I pray that You give them wisdom and strength to accomplish their responsibilities with honor and integrity. I pray that they would fulfill their respective offices with wisdom and prudence as You surround them with men and women that fear and reverence You.

I pray that you place a hedge of protection around them and that You will keep them from hurt, harm, and danger as they perform their tasks. I pray that salvation that is found in Jesus Christ will be presented to and received by them.

Lord, I'm mindful of our great president, Barack Obama and our vice president, Joe Biden. We thank you that righteousness exalts the United States of America and you have the heart of our president in Your Hand.

Thank you for directing his steps each day and for placing in his cabinet men and women that will give him Godly counsel. Give our president wisdom and discretion so he can rule Your people and give him favor with the other political leaders around the world.

Keep him, Michelle and his family safe from hurt, harm, and danger as I thwart the plan of the enemy today. I thank you that no weapon formed against him shall prosper and that Your will is being done in his presidency.

I pray that he walks in the salvation afforded him through the Blood of Jesus Christ and that he will be bold in declaring his stance in You and stand for You.

I pray for the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals and each judicial branch of government on every level. I pray for the Legislature and Senate as well as each elected political leader in our nation.

Thank you that they walk in honesty and integrity and fulfill each office with justice. I pray that we will view our political parties as secondary to You and that we will no longer be identified as a Democrat or Republican but as One Nation Under God!

I pray for a healed nation in which men and women have respect for life and that racism and poverty would be uprooted. I pray that we will be people who allow the Law of God to supersede the law of man. I pray that you would forgive us for taking the life of the un-born and for allowing sin in its various forms to become law.

I ask that Your Word will be fulfilled in the United States of America and I declare, "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done in our nation as it is in Heaven. I boldly declare that Jesus Christ is Lord of the United States of America.

I pray for the nations of the world and ask that You would further Your End Time plan setting up the kings and presidents You desire and putting down those that have served their Kingdom purposes.

I ask that You will keep a hedge around those who are used and those put in slavery and poverty for the selfish gain of a few. Let them find You in their hour of deepest distress.

I thank You that Your Word is going forth as Christ said it would. I am overjoyed that this Gospel of the Kingdom is being preached in the entire world and am ensured that the end is close at hand.

You know them that are Yours and with Your desire that none would perish, I thank You for raising up missionaries that will go into the indigenous nations of the world and cause a great influx of souls into Your kingdom.

May Your will prevail and Your Kingdom be established in all the nations of the world, starting here in the great U.S.A.

In Jesus' Name I pray




Father in the Name of Jesus, thank you for calling us out of darkness and translating us into the Kingdom of the Son that You love. You have given us Your Word filled with exceedingly great and precious promises and I pray that each promise will be fulfilled in us.

We set our hearts to seek Your will today and trust that our eyes will be open to see and ears attentive to hear Your voice so we can hear and fulfill the purpose you have for us today, tomorrow and throughout our lives.

Today, I trust You for the fulfillment of every promise that you gave us. I trust you for the fulfillment of our dreams and visions that have been elusive. I ask for your strategy in procuring each one and as we extend faith and patience, we're confident that each one will be fulfilled.

Lord, we're not ignorant of the devils schemes, his methods and his well thought out plans against us. We have on the full armor of God and stand against him and his demon forces.

You have given us authority over all the power of the enemy and we boldly step into that place.

Today¦ I break the power of the devil and declare that there is an open heaven over our lives. The generational curses that have been assigned to me, my family and my church are broken from this moment forward.

I release each member from sickness and disease. I curse every spirit that has run rampant and declare that it no longer has the right or power to operate. I curse mental torment and mental illness; confusion and every evil work over my life and family.

I live with wisdom and prudence each day and declare that I have the mind of Christ as my inner man is being renewed day by day.

I declare that we breakthrough in our minds and no longer entertain thoughts of apathy, inferiority, and inadequacy. We live according to Your precepts and have as our reward Your grace and favor.

We walk in forgiveness and break the power that unforgiveness towards anyone has over our lives.

We walk free from the fear of man and all fear that causes spiritual paralysis. We do not fear what man can do to us and we ask that You will instill in us the spirit of power, love, and a calm well-balanced mind.

We break the power of witchcraft and declare that the door that was opened to these things in our ignorance is closed from this moment forward. We dismiss fortune telling, Ouija boards, horoscopes and all forms of witchcraft. Therefore these things, along with their hidden power to bind us no longer have a stronghold hold.

We break the power of poverty and declare that we are a church of tither's and Alms givers. We give offerings with joy and have no fear when it comes to You being our provider.

We thank you for not only meeting our needs, but causing us to have more than enough, requiring no aid or support, and allowing us to be furnished with abundance for every good work and charitable donation.    

You open doors of opportunity for us and touch the hearts of those around us to show us favor. You put us in places of authority and we rule with wisdom and discretion. We're no longer below as You have elevated us and we have great influence in our city.

Thank You for giving Your angels charge over us to keep us in all our ways. They are here right now ministering to us because we are heirs of salvation. These angels have come for our words and are hearkening to each declaration we make.

Therefore, I declare that from this moment forward, we experience breakthrough in our lives and church that sets the course for our children and my children's children until the return of our Lord. No longer will what You promised us be elusive and held back because of spiritual opposition.

We receive the manifestation of every promise You gave us in Your Word and proclaim that we have made Jesus Christ our Holy habitation. Because of that, we rest in Your will for our lives and remain diligent in our pursuit of You.

Thank You for empowering us to live above the beggarly elements of the world and granting us break through today.

In Jesus' Name,



New Horizons Christian Church

Father, in the Name of our Lord Jesus, thank You for raising up New Horizons as a light in our city and for the influence You have given us.

I trust that as You have begun a good work through New Horizons that You will continue and complete that work until the Day that our Lord Jesus returns.

We stand in awe at Your keeping power and give You praise as Your Word has proven true in stating that the "gates of hell will not prevail against Your Church.

As a part of Your corporate Church we declare that New Horizons continues to influence the lives of those You send. You give clarity of vision and the help, resources and leaders necessary to bring the vision to pass.

We thank You that Jesus Christ continues to be the Sovereign Lord over this church and that His will has the preeminence in our daily affairs.

You have directed us and we have done what is on our hearts and with Your continued guidance we will do what You desire.

We declare that New Horizons has leadership that understands Your ways and know what should be done. That an increased anointing has been released on us and we move our hearts, minds and lives forward with boldness.

We further declare that we are a ministry that walks in unity and harmony one with another and that Your Word is proclaimed and adhered to by those that hear it. We put off selfish motives and embrace the purpose for You establishing this great work.

We thank You for the individual ministries that You have allowed. We ask that You will raise up greater vision and establish more ministry opportunities that will propel us into Your greater purpose.

We pray that those who lead these various ministries will have wisdom and insight and understand how to flow together as one heart and one voice. I pray that they will be given creative ideas and concepts while being sensitive to Your direction each day. I pray for the ministries we have and ask that You cause each one to increase and abound.

We thank You for the anointed pastors, ministers, trustees, deacons, leaders and workers we have. We pray that they move in the authority and power that those offices contain. We pray that You will give them discernment for the accomplishment of each assignment they are given.

We thank You for releasing prophetic, anointed and spontaneous worship. We pray for an open heaven in praise and worship and that each word we speak in Your Presence will find a lodging place in Your heart and bring us closer to You.

We pray for our worship team in the church and worship experience we have each day. We pray that You cause our hearts to gravitate towards the purpose for which we were created and that is to worship You.

We pray that You raise up and affirm a worship team that has a heart for the glory of God. We pray that You raise up song leaders that have minstrel anointing's that will capture the atmosphere set by the Word, and then release those things back to You in song.

We thank You that New Horizons continues to be a place of Biblical instruction and with the increase of knowledge and understanding we receive, that each member will obey the Lord's command and go into their places of influence and share the Gospel.

We thank You for a spiritual ministry of helps team that flows in the anointing of God each day. We pray that they walk in wisdom and exercise discretion while understanding that their responsibilities are vital to the flow of Your Spirit from the parking lot to the altar.

We pray that You will manifest Your Presence, Your Power and Your Authority in every service. We pray that miracles, signs and wonders will be common place and through the confirmation of Your Word many will seek You and find You as they are convicted in their heart.

Lord, we declare that New Horizons Christian Church is in Your Hands and that the end of our ministry will be greater than the beginning thereof as we have not despised our day of small beginnings. We declare that we are an influential Church that has the healing of those You send as our greatest priority.

In Jesus' Name I pray,

Harvest of Souls

Father, You said in Your Holy Word that it is not Your will that any would perish, but that all would come to knowledge of Your Truth.

Knowing that there is no other Name given under heaven whereby men might be saved, we pray that the Name of the Lord Jesus would be raised up in this hour and that You will draw all men unto You.

You said that You know them that are Yours and we pray for a sensitive heart to follow You as You put these persons ordained for salvation in our path.

Knowing that satan has blinded the minds of unbelievers to keep them from hearing with their hearts and responding to Your truth; and further knowing that You gave us authority over him and all the power he has, we release Your inheritance from his grip.

We declare that the power and hold that satan had on our friends, families, neighbors, co-workers, community and our city is forever broken. That the minds of Your people are free from the deceptive tactics of the enemy and You

We acknowledge that there is an open heaven over our city and that principalities of the north, south, east and west are released from their deceptive tactics.

We declare that those ordained for salvation will hear, respond to and follow the voice of the Good Shepherd and the voice of a stranger they will not follow.

Father, we agree that You will bring our descendants from the east, and gather them from the west; I say to the north, ˜Give them up!' and to the south, ˜Do not keep them back!'

Bring our sons from afar, and our daughters from the ends of the earth. No matter what sin they may be bound with, we declare that their eyes are now open and they are released from the clutches of the enemy. We agree that nothing is too difficult for You.

Bring out the blind people who have eyes, and the deaf who have ears. Open the eyes of their understanding and heal the hearts that have been broken. Bind up the wounds of those ordained for salvation and give them renewed purpose. Strengthen their weak hands so they can fight¦ and strengthen their feeble knees so they can stand for Your glory.

We declare that there is a revival within New Horizons and within Your Church in our region and that the multitudes who are in the valley of decision now seek the Lord with all their heart.

The ethnic groups that are included in Your plan of salvation are brought before Your throne of grace so there can be a sweeping revival among them.

Each culture from the Far East; each culture from the Far West; each culture from the far reaches of the North and each culture from the farthest borders in the South, we declare that freedom has come to your nations.

In this great Melting Pot of New York, we declare that each ethnic group is infiltrated by the Gospel and that they hear the Voice of the Good Shepherd and respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. We pray that these converts become leaders and pillars in the Kingdom of God.

We say "Let all the nations be gathered together, and let the people be assembled. We declare that we rejoice, fellowship with and worship with people from all languages, tongues and nations that are gathered here in our region as we lift up Your Holy Name together.

Lord, as You have chosen the time for us to be born and the exact place for us to live, we pray for the residents of the inner city areas of my region. The South End, Arbor Hill, Hamilton Hill the inner city areas of Albany, Schenectady, Troy as well as the surrounding suburban and rural communities are havens for the Gospel.

We stand against every spirit that will hinder Your people. We declare that a spirit of violence, murder, suicide, fatherlessness, fear, witchcraft, pride, arrogance, as well as physical, sexual and emotional abuse is bound, We declare that apathy, laziness, rebellion, disobedience, and the spirit of anti-Christ are also bound from operating. Your people are now free to serve You with a pure heart.

We thank You for adding souls into Your Kingdom and allowing Your End-Time purposes to be done in a great way.

Father, we pray for those that are in a back-slidden state. We ask that You cause them to "come to themselves as You did the Prodigal and welcome them back into Your Kingdom. Heal Your people of their back-sliding even as some sit in the pews each week.

We will not be judgmental and condemning, neither will we be condescending in our attitude towards them. We welcome them with open arms.

We pray for the Church in our region declaring that deception is far from us and we will not be part of the Great Falling Away spoken of in Your Holy Word. We take up our mantle of holiness and righteousness and lead those who are estranged from You into Your presence.

We stand in the gap to further Your purposes in the earth.

In the Name of Jesus


Pastors David and Brenda

Father, thank You for joining me with New Horizons and giving me shepherds after Your own heart in the persons of Pastors David and Brenda. We set our hearts in agreement with Your will concerning these messengers and declare that You have both of them in the Palm of Your Hand.

We ask for wisdom, discretion, discernment and understanding for them and that Your will would be in them. We thank You that they are sensitive to Your Spirit and that they walk in harmony with You and with each other.


We thwart every attack the enemy set up against them and like Aaron and Hur, we hold up their arms until their task in the earth is complete.

Strengthen them each day they walk the earth. Allow Your joy to be their portion in life and the peace that passes understanding to be settled in their hearts always.

Thank You for keeping their minds stayed upon You because they trust in You. You have not let them down and I pray that You will continue to unfold every good and precious gift into their lives.

We pray that they prosper, walk in Divine health and that their souls will increase as it pertains to Your Kingdom and life in general. We curse sickness and disease and declare that they have no part in these vessels.

Thank You that their needs are met according to Your riches and glory and that their minds are in perfect peace. Their bills are paid and they have more than enough so they can continue being generous, prompt to do it givers because they get great joy out of giving.

Father, we come alongside them to help make their ministering a joy and not a burden. We look for opportunities to be a blessing to them and make it our business to do what we can to ensure that they fulfill the purpose for which You raised them up for.

We give You praise for setting them in the office of Pastors and consider them ministerial gifts given for the perfecting of Your Church while bringing each of us to maturity.

We purpose to listen attentively to their messages and apply diligently the Word You release through them. Our hearts is filled and gladdened because You cause us to be firmly settled on Your Word.

Father, we pray that Christ would always have the preeminence in them and that You will always cause them to triumph.

We pray for their daughters, Kantrell and Tyese, their grandsons and the descendants who are yet to be born. I pray that they will all hear Your voice with clarity and fulfill their own calling. I pray they will be blessed and walk in the authority and power of God.

Bring to pass the vision You have for pastors David and Brenda and their family. Cause their latter years to be more profitable than their former years. I declare that this is true in spiritual and natural things. I declare this is true in their lives as ministers of the Gospel as well as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

May You always grant Your peace, greater grace, and favor with God and man upon my pastors.

In the Name of Jesus,


Jesus Christ is Lord

Father, the desire of our hearts are that You get pleasure out of us and that by strengthening and giving us clarity of vision that these upcoming days will bring You great glory.

We pray for a sensitivity of our hearts to Your Spirit each day. We purpose to walk in love, forgiveness and righteousness while extending grace, mercy and compassion towards those placed in our lives.

Thank You for creating a greater hunger and thirst after the righteousness revealed in Your Holy Scriptures and we pray that through our daily obedience that each precept and principle will be evident towards those we come in contact with.

We thank You for cleansing this heart of flesh and for further revelation of Your will. We bring those in our sphere of authority before Your Throne of Grace and trust that you will have Your way in their lives.

We trust that by Your authority and power that they will align their lives with Your plan and purpose. We trust that Your anointing on their lives will break every yoke of bondage and the vision they have for the fulfillment of Kingdom purpose would be realized.

Thank You that there are no more delays in the fulfillment of Your promises; neither are we recipients of deceptive dreams or flattering divinations that lead us astray.

Your promise for the salvation of our loved ones ring true and we stand firmly settled on the fact that each of our households will be saved as well.

We fan into flames the fire that you started in us. Thank You for causing the embers that were dying out to be rekindled. We are revived and seek Your face on a daily basis.

The days that are before us shall produce for Your Kingdom what You have already determined. We will go where You lead and be bold to do what You instruct us.                             

We place the priority of my lives on what You determined and guard our hearts with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life.

We choose to seek You daily while guarding our lives against deceptive sin, distractions and everything that would easily affect us. We make Your House a priority and will consistently support and serve You in the House of the Lord as You have commanded us to. Thank You for Your Blood and we look at these things as reasonable service to You.

You have allowed us to call You Savior and from this moment forward we give You Your rightful position in our lives as Master and Lord.

May You forever be glorified in me in Word and Deed.

In Jesus Name