Living WITH Purpose and ON Purpose 3

Part III


To further illustrate the power of "Living with and on purpose while exposing the subtleties of how Christians often live with elusive desires the fact is that all desire is not bad, but it must be lived out with intention.

Some of the "good things we want to see part of our Christian walk but often will not attain unless we live with specific objectives are:

  • We desire to pray but don't pray where we are and neither make it priority to attend prayer service unless for some of us there is a dire need.
  • We desire to worship but don't start the specifics of worship by "presenting our bodies a living sacrifice¦ which is our reasonable act of worship [service] Romans 12:2
  • We desire to give tithes, offerings and alms according to God's Word but do not build ourselves up on the Word of God enough to increase our faith so we can have wisdom to adjust our lives and faith to start. Faith comes by hearing¦
  • We desire to become mature but don't spend time reading the Word of God on our own; listening to tapes and filling our mind with the Scriptures asking God for opportunities to apply what we are learning
  • We desire to be more loving but don't really care about hurting the feelings of others, especially those closest to us.
  • We desire to know more Scripture but don't purpose to consistently read our Bibles
  • We desire a new job or career, but will not break away from the current one by beginning a job search or getting the necessary skills in the field that you want.
  • We desire a new car but don't start where you are with a 1990 "Hoopty and then trade up to where you get a 1995, 2000, 2005; 2010¦
  • We desire a new apartment or home but settle for where you are and / or lose hope that it's even possible.


  • You make up your mind that you are going to pray.
    • You start where you are praying a few minutes a day. Effective prayer starts where you are and you make up your mind that you are not going to stay there. You increase your personal time with God according to the grace that's on you and you learn what it means to "pray without ceasing.
    • Speak to God and allow Him to speak to you during quiet times. All too often prayer is reduced to a monologue where we speak to God telling Him our problems and when we're done we have nothing else to say. Real prayer is dialogue where we allow God to speak as well [if He wants to] and we learn to remain sensitive to His voice throughout the day.
    • You learn how to pray the Word and from the perspective of the answer not repeating the problem or re-hashing the situation “ God knows what the problem is and He's waiting to hear His people pray in faith declaring what they want that lines up with His Word
    • You don't settle for the current level of prayer you are on. You learn how to pray effectively and move from prayers of petition [appeals, asking] to prayers of supplication [requests and pleas] and then intercession¦
    • You learn how to pray prayers of intercession as you embrace the heart of God for the church, city, state, nation and world. You become the voice of God in prayer as you embrace His heart for the moment and release those things into the atmosphere not limiting your words to what you understand in your mind or things that are within the scope of your influence. There's a big world out there and God is looking for someone to stand in the gap and make up the hedge¦ Ezekiel 22:30
  • You are the worshiper that God is seeking who will worship Him in spirit and truth.
  • You will align your life of obedience up with His will knowing that this is the beginning of your worship experience
  • You become less conscious of others opinions of you while you are in corporate worship and you become more conscious of pleasing God through your opening your mouth, lifting your hands, dancing in the spirit and bowing your knee when you are compelled by the Spirit.
  • You are determined to obey God in giving Tithes, offerings and alms.
  • Rather than say you will do it when you are able to, or when you     get out of your situation, you will begin where you are and purpose to do what you can to bring your life in compliance with God's principle.
  • You will be consistent in your giving and learn that giving tithes and offerings is your earthly connection to heaven's storehouse.
  • You will learn to live by faith and trust that God will do what He said He will do.
  • You make it a point to mature and not only grow in the Word but   by doing what the Word of God says. Maturity means you make the right decisions at the right time. You no longer make excuses        for actions that are not supported with Scripture, but are quick to       repent and purpose to go on while not displaying those actions         again.
  • You learn the love Nature of the Father and how important it is as His followers to display that same nature to those that you come in contact with. Love covers a multitude of sin, love is forgiving and love is patience I Corinthians 13. Always remember, if you love someone you will add value to them.
  • You will never settle for the Knowledge of Scripture you have and will always approach the Word of God with an open mind. You're not looking for new revelation [as revelation can be very deceiving] but looking for Truth that you are able to apply to your life. Revelation will come, but you must be a seeker of the Word and allow the Spirit to reveal Biblical revelation in His appointed time.
  • There will be the same principles applied to natural things such as a career or home. You may have to work at something you don't necessarily care for in order to eventually get the position that you really want. You never lose sight of the ultimate goal and you will methodically work towards getting the home, car, career or vacation you want.

Desire is often reduced to a wish and a hope, and when the times get hard you often find something that's much easier.

But purpose is determined and does not give up until the objective is reached. A person of purpose will no longer live each day while they watch the life they know they are supposed to have passed them by.

The Element of Change

Living with purpose and on purpose there's the element of change that you know is part of the process you will go through to reach your destiny.

Often when the word process is used, we don't realize that: 1] It is a series of actions directed at a specific goal and 2] It is a series of natural occurrences that produce change or development.

The reality is that God has a specific set of occurrences that you MUST go through to be properly developed for what He's called you to.

You are not so settled in your life where you are not able to go with the flow of change or unable to remain focused when things happen that are contrary to your expectations or when you begin to see your vision come to pass. God has a purpose in your pain!

You are also not so overtaken by the negatives that you become negative and give up the hope that you possibly held on for years.

This negative person is: unenthusiastic; unconstructive; unhelpful; pessimistic; harmful and depressing. They see nothing good in anything that deals with life and they don't even care if what is good will benefit them directly. They will proceed to tear down every good idea and every person that has a positive attitude.

But when you understand the process and the element of change during this time you have an expectation of good [hope] and are not easily thrown off by the process you must go through. You know you will gain the wisdom and experience necessary so you can "remain at the new level God is bringing you to.

It is one thing to attain a certain status in life, but the real test becomes are you able to maintain that position. You are able to maintain the place God brings you to because you gained experience in the process and it's that experience that allows you to be a problem solver.

Many Believers' do not realize the importance of experience in their walk with God. Because of this the things they may go through are not viewed as being beneficial and instead or staying focused on the "prize they change the plan that they know God put in their hearts.

Throwing the purpose for their lives out altogether, they now reduce what was considered God inspired with something that has no resemblance of Kingdom living at all.

Settling our hearts on the principle of faith and knowledge of the Word "alone does not bring maturity to our lives.

If you do not understand that you must have experience along with faith and knowledge of the Word of God you will not have the wisdom that God wants you to have. It's this wisdom that sustains you and propels you forward no matter the situation.

The reason negative change is never intended to affect your walk with God is because wisdom comes through the faith and knowledge of the Word that you apply to your life's experiences.

Romans 5 KJV

Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:

2 By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

3 And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience;

4 And patience, experience; and experience, hope:

5 And hope [maketh not ashamed;] because the love of God is [shed abroad] in our hearts by the Holy Ghost [which is given] unto us.

Experience includes the process of proving, demonstrating or verifying that someone has withstood a test to see if he warrants the approval of a higher or more influential person. In many instances it's the ability to withstand the trial itself that grants another person's approval.

Therefore after you extend patience, it's this experience that's gained in the process that grants you access to the next phase of your life.

To get out of the process before you gain the lessons that God intended often will disqualify you on the level God has for you.

You can still attain the next level of your life, but it will be difficult to be sustained there without the corresponding wisdom you get through the experience.

Again, it is much more than knowing what God says and applying faith without corresponding actions that will bring into your life the things that God promised you no matter how small or how big the dream or desire may be

The Word of God is always meant to be applied to our lives in our daily decisions and faith without corresponding works is dead. Being dead, faith alone "Lacks the ability to reproduce after its kind

Only living things have the ability to reproduce. This is true with plants, animals, sea creatures and human beings. However this principle also applies to our faith and the Word of God.

Because of this there must be another element that we need that will firm up our walk and life¦ this element is experience and one of the greatest ways you gain experience is through the element of change.