Who Are You?

"Who are you" is a question that I believe many people around the world cannot answer either naturally or from a spiritual perspective.

This is very evident in how many millions of dollars and countless thousands of hours are spent trying to look and be like some song artist, movie star or athlete.

The time someone spends trying to be and act like someone else could be invested in their own life making it the best it can be. But the fact is only when you step into your own purpose will full satisfaction be enjoyed.

We allow our surroundings, close friends and families, culture and circumstances to define us. We idolize people that appear to have made it, not understanding that their success first does not guarantee ours and secondly we fail to realize that almost no one really benefits from another person’s success, we at best can only gain encouragement from them.

But God has orchestrated His prized creation so that each of us are able to determine who we are in God’s eyes and then ultimately discover the purpose for our existence and then proceed to establish God’s desire in the earth. The fact is that people spend decades and some their entire earthly existence trying to determine who they are. Sadly many go to their grave without knowing.

It is mind boggling to see the amount of people that have no direction for their lives. Further it’s just as amazing to hear those who don’t even believe that there is a specific life and lifestyle that they were ordained to walk in while in the earth.

Having a good idea or wanting to do something or be someone in a specific field does not define who you are. This attitude only fosters potential and does not reveal who you are until you have begun to step into it by preparation right where you are and remaining diligent until it becomes a reality.

For every person that believes that there is a specific lifestyle for them to live, I’m convinced that there are hundreds more who believe the same thing but are not living on the level God intended.

They have settled for a lesser life because of decisions they may have made when they were younger or have lost the drive of purpose fulfillment because of familial, societal or financial pressure.

What I mean is that some have lost the drive of purpose fulfillment because they may have become a mom or dad before they intended to and were forced to provide for their children.

In the middle of supplying for the needs of their families, they lost sight of purpose that was given to them by God. This is noble and God expects you to provide for your family, but you’ll see that there is much more for you to accomplish if you are going to be purpose oriented.

Others have been pressured by the media reports that the economy is so bad that they should settle for whatever means of employment they can get. I believe that you should work and this often means taking temporary employment until the door opens for what you have in your heart; but this should be just that "temporary" as you continue to pursue the field you have in your heart. It’s often what you have in your heart where God’s purpose will be enjoyed.

The fact that there are many people unemployed and the job market is not as broad as it has been in the past does not dictate to God the fact that He cannot fulfill the plan He has for you in the middle of a recession. God is still able to make a "job or position just for you" while everyone else is being laid off.

Then there’s financial pressure that weighs on us which possibly keeps us from moving our lives where God intends. Many times this happens because of our neglect to apply God’s principle of giving tithes, offerings and alms; then being wise stewards of what God allows us to manage.

Still other times this happens because when we had to provide for our families and received raises in the job you "had to take," those pay increases brought you to a level that you are not willing to "forfeit" in order to fulfill the plan of God.

You often forfeit higher education or the temporary decrease in compensation so you could make a living; but to live a life of fulfillment you may have to pursue a college degree; take a "temporary" pay cut; or get a second job so you can maintain the lifestyle you’ve become accustomed to while pursuing your purpose and so you can be thrust into the will of God.

What must be understood is that not everyone is out of place when it comes to the job they’re in. There are times when God sets you in the position you have and intends to use you right where you are.

God knows that you have what it takes to touch others there and although it may seem like that place of employment is not bringing as much satisfaction as you would like, it is bringing much fruit to God.

The Lord is using you to bring His Gospel in Word and deed to those that are not saved or may be backslidden. He will also use that place to help develop greater character in you as you are strengthened and humbled by the things you have to endure and the people you may have to put up with.

Yet knowing who you are and what you’re supposed to do go much deeper than making a living. There is a specific character and God given authority that God wants you to walk in.

  1. What good is it if you’re making all the money in the world and you’re not a good husband, wife, son or daughter?
  2. What good is it if you’re not able to have peace in your heart?
  3. What good is it if you are always giving in to the dictates of your flesh and are constantly under the burden of sin?
  4. What good is it if you are constantly bombarded in your mind and life by the devil and his demons and although you have authority over them, you do not know your authority or are ignorant in knowing how to overcome them?

The fact is that although most of us can relate to fulfilling purpose when it comes to our ability to provide for our families, what I’m going to share here deals with every aspect of your life.

No matter whether you’re young or old; black, caucasion or Hispanic; rich or poor; live in a mansion on the hill or on the streets of the city, God has provided for us the means to live a life that is complete.

Your life can be made whole no matter where you are; how you were raised; what someone told you that was negative and no matter how hopeless you may feel right now.

A complete life is not one that is perfect, but one that is anchored in and settled in God. This is true no matter where you are in life and no matter what situation you may find yourself in. What we have to do is be aware of where we draw our inspiration and strength from.

God in His wisdom has already provided a path that is intended to lead and guide us to a place that is free from the distress of the world while at the same time giving us the fortitude to bear up under any stress that may come because of the intensity of the world.

Through this teaching you will find out God's desire for you to live victorious in this earth as you serve the King of kings.

For a complete copy, please contact the church at 518-462-2638

 For a complete teaching, please contact the church at 518-462-2638