Being God Inside Minded

As the people of God the greatest thing we can do is follow the example that Jesus Christ came into the earth for. However this principle is often subjected to the mindset, education and culture of the person that is a Christian.
Unless we make the time to search out the reason Jesus Christ came, we will leave His purposes to our imagination and reduce His coming to something someone else told us and may be erroneous unless we check it out.
This is what set apart the Believer's in the church in Berea. The Book of Acts 17 says, They were more noble than their brothers because they received the Word of God without skepticism and searched the Scriptures daily to see if what the apostles said was actually true.
"11 These were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so. 12 Therefore many of them believed¦
Instead of searching the will of God for themselves, most people in the United States view Christ through two main events, His birth celebrated at Christmas, and His death celebrated during Easter. Besides these, there are times when their attention focuses on God for good or bad when they face adversity in their lives or someone they love passes from this life to the next.  
Although these are very important "signposts on the road to heaven Luke 19:10 tells us "For the Son of Man came to find and restore the lost. Message Bible Translation or as the NKJV says, "¦ for the Son of Man has come to Seek and save that which was lost
When Jesus told us in Matthew 28 to "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, this Gospel message is what we are to be proclaiming in our everyday lives. It's this Gospel message that Paul said "he was not ashamed of because it is the [or literally ˜a'] manifestation of God's power to everyone that believes¦
There's a mentality that has saturated the Church that has made many Christians comfortable with giving God minimal service and they give no thought to their relationship with God.
These Believers have developed a relationship with God based on their own terms and without realizing it, many are back-sliding while sitting in the pews each service. They continue to say the right things as they have come to know the Christian vernacular, but their hearts are far from God.
In Matthew 15:7, Jesus quotes the prophet Isaiah and this is often used to focus your attention on the importance of giving God your heart and not just saying the things that we think are right. He said:
7 Hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy about you, saying:
8 ˜These people draw near to Me with their mouth, and honor Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me.
9 And in vain they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.' 
As much as this Scripture should tug on the hearts of the people of God, I know for some, this is "just another Scripture and because of the hardness of our hearts, we feel that it is for everyone else. I never view this or any other verse in the Word of God with such pretenses¦ it ALWAYS applies to me FIRST.
God is going deeper today as I believe that He wants to move us to a place where we are walking in His wisdom and His power that's based on our knowledge of Him living inside us and His desire to accomplish His will through us.
The process of our transformation has already begun and He is preparing us to rule and reign with Him in ways that are unimaginable. But God knows that for us to fully impact the world, we must wake up and see the larger picture.
God also knows that satan is cunning and very deceptive and he is keeping the people of God from seeing just how much power they have in this life. Jesus said that He gave us "¦power over all the power [authority] of the enemy and nothing by any means shall harm us.
Instead of approaching each day with faith and hope, we have seen where people allow the things that life throws at them to suck the very life out of them that God gave them.
God wants you to get your life back. But the only way to move your life consistently forward is by doing it God's way and forsaking the traditions that the religious people of the day have promoted as the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You have a different standard of living that projects trust, hope and confidence.  
Look at the context of Matthew 15 that Jesus quoted. Isaiah 29 NKJV
9 Pause and wonder! Blind yourselves and be blind! They are drunk, but not with wine; they stagger, but not with intoxicating drink.
10 For the Lord has poured out on you the spirit of deep sleep, and has closed your eyes, namely, the prophets; and He has covered your heads, namely, the seers.
11 The whole vision has become to you like the words of a book that is sealed, which men deliver to one who is literate, saying, "Read this, please. And he says, "I cannot, for it is sealed.
12 Then the book is delivered to one who is illiterate, saying, "Read this, please. And he says, "I am not literate.
13 Therefore the Lord said: "Inasmuch as these people draw near with their mouths
and honor Me with their lips, but have removed their hearts far from Me, and their fear toward Me is taught by the commandment of men,
[29:13 Greek version reads Their worship is a farce {mockery, embarassment, disgrace} for they teach man-made ideas as commands from God.]
14 Therefore, behold, I will again do a marvelous work among this people, a marvelous work and a wonder; for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hidden.
I want to finish reading this from the New Living Translation which makes it easier to understand. Verse 14 again
14 Because of this, I will once again astound these hypocrites with amazing wonders. The wisdom of the wise will pass away, and the intelligence of the intelligent will disappear.
15 What sorrow awaits those who try to hide their plans from the Lord, who do their evil deeds in the dark! "The Lord can't see us, they say. "He doesn't know what's going on!
16 How foolish can you be? He is the Potter, and he is certainly greater than you, the clay! Should the created thing say of the one who made it, "He didn't make me? Does a jar ever say, "The potter who made me is stupid?
17 Soon”and it will not be very long” the forests of Lebanon [the mountains in your life] will become a fertile field, and the fertile field will yield bountiful crops.
18 In that day the deaf will hear words read from a book, and the blind will see through the gloom and darkness.
Doing it God's way will cause the mountains to eventually become level ground and God is giving you victory that will consistently bring fruit into your life.
Many sermons being preached today have no effect because the disobedience of God's people often begins in the pulpit.
As verse 10 says, "For the Lord has poured out on you the spirit of deep sleep, and has closed your eyes, namely, the prophets; and He has covered your heads, namely, the seers
Because we have produced a generation that wants an easy Christianity with nothing required on our parts, when the Truth of our responsibilities before God comes forth, we don't want it. We don't see the importance of doing what the Bible says even though we know that we are to be doer's of the Word not hearers only, deceiving ourselves.
We pick and choose what part of Scripture we will obey today and if we don't feel like doing something we won't and think nothing of disobeying the God that saved us and gave us eternal hope.
It's not that we're not experiencing victory in some areas¦ it's that we're not going through our challenges with the God kind of faith because we don't know what real Biblical faith is and we are allowing the enemy to steal our joy and ultimately the very hope for tomorrow we are supposed to have.
Many Christians have allowed the culture that we live in to determine what they are going to do, how they are going to live, what they are going to believe and what they are going to say to others.
This erroneous lifestyle is supported by many Christian voices in the world that live from the perspective of carnality and has deafened the ear and deadened the heart of many sincere Christians. The world looks for the real Believer's and because of this, can't find them because we're living behind a wall that has been built by a society that does not know God.
The importance of the Gospel message has diminished while we sit in the pews and although you have been given the most important mandate that anyone could ever have, we have allowed the strategic tactics of the devil to render our walk with God ineffective while our families, friends, relatives and neighbors fend for themselves and risk losing a chance to hear the message of salvation through one of God's chosen vessels. II Corinthians 2:7 says, "¦we are not ignorant of satans devices; yet many Christians are living as though they are.
If we are Christians, we are also followers of Christ. Being a follower of another, we are to adhere to the orders of our commanding officer.
However the culture in the USA has promoted a philosophy that says anything goes; we're cautioned to "Question Authority; We're told to accept all religions and no one religion is right.
The reality is people do have the right to live the way they want to; they have a right to question what they want to; they have the right to follow a cock roach if they want to call it a god¦ however you made the choice to follow Christ and you are to become immersed in the Word of God and with the life and breath you have in your body, you are glorify God every moment of each day.
To bring glory to God in the manner He expects Jesus wants us to become convinced of what is revealed in the Scriptures about our lives. The prophetic End-times that we have quickly moved into is being accelerated and evil is being hastened in the earth just as the Scriptures said it would.
The devil and his agenda are becoming more obvious and most Christians are doing nothing to counter the lies the devil is sowing because they think this is normal.
Not being able to get past how evil the times are because most of the world has had their "consciences seared as with a hot iron, we lie in our bunkers and wait until Christ returns¦ as He said He would. First Timothy 4:2
However a remnant of Believer's are being prepared to be used of God to win the world as Christ has already decreed they would.
They will not be lulled to sleep by a spirit of slumber;
They will not be ignorant of the devils devices, schemes or well thought out plans against us;
And they will not give in, give up, or give out when things happen to them that are contrary to the promises God made to them in His Word.
As verse 19 in Isaiah 29 says,
The humble will be filled with fresh joy from the Lord. The poor will rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.
20 The scoffer [or person that ridicules, mocks and laughs at us] will be gone, the arrogant [conceited and proud person] will disappear, and those who plot evil will be killed.
21 Those who convict the innocent by their false testimony will disappear. A similar fate awaits those who use trickery to pervert justice and who tell lies to destroy the innocent.
22 That is why the Lord, who redeemed Abraham, says to the people of Israel, "My people will no longer be ashamed or turn pale with fear.
23 For when they see their many children and all the blessings I have given them, they will recognize the holiness of the Holy One of Jacob. They will stand in awe of the God of Israel.
This does not mean that every person in the earth are going to be followers of Jesus Christ as the Bible says in the Last Days there will be a great falling away [Second Thessalonians 2:3]. You can't fall away from something unless you were at one point attached to them or it.
The Bible also says there are going to be thousands of people who will receive the Mark of the Beast and seal their eternal destiny in a literal burning hell. Revelations 13:17
Yet there are going to be multitudes in this Last Day who are going to be saved and God has marked you, saved you and delivered you to go after those that are ordained to salvation and we will hinder them no longer.
Unwittingly we have hindered many people from continuing in their walk with Christ because they came in looking for the "Christ IN you and came up empty because of undeveloped character and lack of true obedience to the entire Gospel.    
At this point, it's easy to say that they should not be looking at you, but you are Christ's example in the earth and as Paul said, "Follow me as I follow Christ, we are to do the same thing and lead the people to Christ and help them mature in the things of God by being a model of Christian conduct and love.
Both Godly conduct and love cannot be done on our own terms. They are a by-product of the serious student of the Word who applies the things they learn to their everyday lives. It's then that they become most effective in their witness for Christ.
Our responsibility is to please God and this is to also be the cry of our hearts. To do anything less, we risk the very salvation we enjoy as we set ourselves up for deception and potentially being as those that have knowledge of God but deny the power thereof. Second Timothy 3
But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, 4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!
There are a few things that we must consider each day until they become who we are and we unconsciously do these things. As long as we have to "think about what is right or wrong or whether we are pleasing God or not we have not matured in that area and we must continue consciously working on those things.
God wants us to be "Gospel Minded. As we've seen in our teaching on the Book of Romans, the Gospel or the Word of Christ and God's grace towards us in salvation is "The power of God.
God wants us to be unity minded. We're told to "strive to keep the unity of the spirit in a bond of peace. Psalm 75 says How beautiful it is when God's people dwell together in unity, it's there that God commands His blessing, even life forever more.
God wants us to be "People minded
You have been chosen to help grow the Kingdom of God by helping to grow the local church. Your greatest responsibility is to influence others into the Kingdom of God by your life and your witness.
To accomplish these things you're to be "God inside minded. Everywhere you go, everything you do and the very life you live are all to be done with the understanding that Christ lives His life through you. Colossians 1
27 To them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles: which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. 28 Him we preach, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus. 29 To this end I also labor, striving according to His working which works in me mightily.