Books and Tapes

Over the years Pastor's David and Brenda have preached hundred's of Bible sermons on many subjects. These include teachings on Faith, Deliverance, Fasting, Prayer, Spiritual Warfare and much more.

To capture the essence of these messages, they are available in "Booklet form for a minimal cost. Excerpts from some of them can be found on this website under the heading of "Teachings."

If you would like to purchase any of the messages in their entirety, please contact the Bookstore at 518-462-2638.

If you are in our Albany, NY area you are always welcome to visit us for the complete line as well as Compact Discs of our most recent messages.   


The Anatomy of God $7.00

The Scriptures reveal the Lord in various forms. Each part of the Anatomy of God has prophetic insight and assurance of God's protection, provision and promises.

From the fact that the Lord has eyes making Him "Jehovah Rohe', the God that sees" to the fact that His hands represents healing and provision for His people, you will be strengthened in your faith as God manifests Himself through the Anatomy described in Scripture

The Christian and Spiritual Warfare $10.50

God's promises to His children are sure. He said and will not go back on His Word. However there is an enemy of the Cross that stands between you and the fulfillment of the promises of God.

This negative spiritual network is diligent and good at what they do. Through deception they have kept many of God's people living below their Covenantal rights and privileges. However God has given us weapons of warfare that are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

We must become skilled at using the spiritual armaments of war that God has made available so we can live victoriously each day.

Seasons of Change $4.00

Nothing lasts forever! The same is true in the Kingdom of God.

Many times Christians lose hope because they have faced the same things for so long. However God has promised us that as certain as the seasons change, so too what we face must also change for the better.

He often refers to the negative season as "light afflictions that last only a moment," which means that whatever you face is subject to change. Learn how to recognize God's changing season and position yourself for the season that includes your spiritual and natural harvest that is upon you.

Keep the Fire Burning $7.00

Just as a fire needs to be stoked, the apostle Paul told his protégé Timothy to "Stir up the Gift that's within him…" So too we must remain on fire for God so we can be most effective for Him.

Much of the Church has fallen into apathy and although they attend church regularly, they have stopped obeying the commands of God. Their level of service has waned, their giving has decreased and without knowing it, many risk falling into a backslidden position, jeopardizing their very salvation.

Learn how to recognize this apathetic spirit and remain on fire for the things of God.